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About Harlan-McGee | Harlan-McGee
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About Harlan-McGee

Harlan-McGee of North America is a multi-disciplinary firm that offers Architectural Engineering, Engineering, Planning, and Site Design services. We can handle projects of any size and complexity, including commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and municipal work. We are a young, aggressive, energetic firm comprised of experienced professionals who have the knowledge, capabilities and technical resources to rival any firm. We pride ourselves on our ability to work hand in hand with our clients, always keeping their needs and interests in mind. Our goal is to provide the best possible service at a reasonable cost to all of our clients. Our principals include Ernest J. Gailor, PE . To support their efforts are Project Manager Marcela Gaudin, Office Manager Gail Victorwitch. Harlan-McGee of North America is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire. Our philosophy is to design innovative projects, which are accessible, easily maintainable, and energy efficient. We believe that each project presents specific parameters requiring careful planning to achieve the most successful solution for our client, not only in the present, but for the future as well. To achieve this goal, our architectural, engineering, planning and site design departments work together as one unit, addressing individual items as a whole. We eliminate the need to subcontract project responsibilities out of our office, and out of our control. Our diversity enables us to complete a wide variety of work in house and ensures that our projects are completed successfully. We examine every detail, and leave nothing to chance. When issues arrive, we present all options, so that our clients can make informed decisions.